internet & information

In 2007, I made my inaugural Wikipedia edit, sparking a deep fascination with the concept of open knowledge. Since then, I’ve actively engaged with the Wikimedia movement on local (Warsaw), national (Poland), and regional (Europe, with a focus on CEE countries) levels. During this period:

  • I’m a dedicated editor, contributing actively to both and
  • I play an active role in championing women’s empowerment through open knowledge tools such as Wikimedia.
  • I strive to enhance women’s representation on Wikipedia.
  • I bring my expertise as an experienced trainer and lecturer to educate diverse audiences, including information specialists, librarians, art historians, social activists, and genealogists, on Wikipedia editing and critical reading.

As an engaged community member, I’ve served multiple mandates in the Peer Court of Wikimedia Polska, and since 2022, I’ve held the position of vice-President of Wikimedia Polska.

Within the Modern Poland Foundation (recently renamed to Wolne Lektury Foundation): I’ve been a member of the Supervisory Board since 2014, and since 2015, I’ve held the position of President of this board.

Beyond these roles, I actively promote open data and advocate for technological support in democratic mechanisms, emphasizing transparency and active citizen participation. Notably, I organized the inaugural Personal Democracy ForumCEE region.

Professionally, I specialize in information and knowledge management, with expertise in information research across general and specialized domains, such as Jewish genealogy.