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PhD research:  Memory of the Holocaust in the Process of Shaping Collective Identity. Education in National Museums in Poland and Israel after 1995 (pol. Pamięć o Zagładzie w procesie kształtowania zbiorowej tożsamości. Edukacja w muzeach państwowych w Polsce i Izraelu po 1995 roku) under the supervision of prof Małgorzata Melchior and Aneta Gawkowska, University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland (2008-2019)


trainer, Memory and Web 2.0. – seminar for youth of Central-Eastern Europe, Maximilian Kolbe Werk, Oswiecim-Harmeze, Poland (2011);

trainer, 65 lat po Auschwitz | 65 Jahre nach Auschwitz, seminar for youth on the occasion of 65th anniversary of liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, Maximilian Kolbe Werk, Oswiecim-Harmeze, Poland (2010);


Koszewska, J.M., Doświadczenie Holocaustu. PTSD w Drugim i Trzecim Pokoleniu Dzieci Holocaustu (eng. Experience of Holocaust. PTSD (post-traumatic stress dissorder) in the Second and Third Generation of the Children of Holocaust) – final essay on the course „Doświadczenie Holokaustu na przykładzie Getta Warszawskiego” (eng. Experience of Holocaust on the Example of Warsaw Ghetto), course directors Barbara Engelking-Boni, PhD and Jacek Leociak, PhD, Uniwersytet Warszawski.

Koszewska, J.M., Proces asymilacji u Karaimów w Polsce Powojennej (eng. Assimilation Process at the Community of Karaim in the Post-War Poland) – final essay on the course of „Socjologia Religii” (eng. Sociology of Religion), course director Irena Borowik, PhD, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland.


Panel discussant, Next 20 years: Young Activists’ Perspective, 20th Anniversary of Formation of the Tadeusz Mazowiecki Government (first post-war non-communist goverenement), University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland (September 13, 2009);

Conference presentation: Working with subject of Holocaust. Experience and narrative of museum guides – comparative study in Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Site and State Museum in Poland, and the Yad Vashem Institute in Israel, International Symposium „Perceptions of the Holocaust and Contemporary Antisemitism” Berlin 2011

Conference presentation: Phantom-pains of Poland: A Post-traumatic Reaction To The Lost of Jews Caused by Holocaust, ESA Annual Conference, Geneva 2011

Conference presentation: Holocaust in Europe : Memory and Identity Today, ESA Annual Conference, Geneva 2011

Conference presentation: Holocaust. Trauma, its transmission and connection with identity

Invited lecture Memory and un-memory about Jews in Poland Beit Lohamei Ha-Getaot (eng.: The Ghetto Fighters’ House) and Polish Institute in Israel, Israel 2012


European Sociological Association

Memory Studies Association

European Association for Jewish Studies

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