2024-2019 International film festival: organization

For more than 15 years (since 2004) I have co-organized the International Film Festival „Jewish Motifs”-HaMotiv HaJehudi, directed by Mirosław Chojecki.
In this period I was responsible for – among others – general festival coordination works, selection works for the international film competition, hospitality program, coordination of volunteers program (up to 80 volunteers), website and social media. And eventually also post-festival promotion of Jewish-themed cinematography in Poland.


2023: Producer („The Light Slipping Through”)

Producer of „The Light Slipping Through” – full-length documentary by Volodymir Kliuiev.

Category: documentary, feature.

Production: Ukraine.


(status: post-production)

2022: Co-producer („Return Date: Unknown”)

Co-producer of „Return Date: Unknown”, short documentary directed by Tymur Tsapliienko, mentored by Rom Barnea (film producer).

Category: documentary, short.

Production: USA.


TV-premiere: PBS across US in November 2023.

Festivals and awards:

  • Best Youth Film Award at the First Youth Collective Film Festival by WNET – Festival’s theme: „Let’s Talk Democracy”,
  • finalist at the Japan Prize 2023 – International Competition for Educational Media,
  • screening and pannel discussion at SXSW-Edu 2024 in Austin, USA,
  • special screening: Fotografiska New York (February 2024).

2012: Associate Producer („Siren”)

Associate Producer for „Siren” – short feature film directed by Jonah Bleicher, based on the story by Etgar Keret.

Category: fiction, short.

Production: USA/Israel.


Premiere: 2013.