Poland, Ukraine and Russia – interview for Radio Svoboda (Free Europe)

When I was a child, Radio Free Europe was a synonim of real information, free world - something where Poland was aspiring and aiming. Thus this is a really big honor to be interviewed for Radio Svoboda (ukrainian language edition of Radio Liberty - formerly known as Radio Free Europe). Not to mention that in same article there are interviewed and quoted such prominent people as for example former Prime Minister of Poland. And it's an article about subject that is very dear to me: Polish - Russian relations. Especially in the light…continue reading →

89 voices

So apparently the time has came and even myself I am a witness of history. The famous 1989. My oral history for the Europeana's "89 voices" project: “My strongest memory of 1989 is that it was the moment that I turned 7 years old, so a pretty important age for a child, because we start school by then. There were a lot of preparations, first of all the graduation from the kindergarten was a big event and social experience, with a show on stage, which is a lot of fun for kids.."continue reading →